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This site is all about starting a new life in your middle years- be it in a new career as an entrepreneur, or in a new relationship . I am guessing that you’re here because you’re thinking about- or even working on- one or both of those things and I really hope that I can help to support you in your new journey.

I’ve hit those middle years now and am at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey as a blogger and an affiliate marketer.  On this site you’ll find posts I’ve published containing information and ideas I’ve researched along the way as I work towards my goal of financial freedom.

If you are also starting a major life-changing project in your middle years, then I hope that by following my blog you’ll find plenty of encouragement and tips to help you along to find your successful new life too.

It may not always feel like it, when we’re sizzling up with hot flushes, but our age is actually on our side: no sleepless nights feeding babies, no recalcitrant teenagers banging our doors and playing music which makes our ears ring.

No, we’ve got experience on our side: we know our strengths -we know what we’re good at, and now is the time to build that life we dreamed of when we were younger and simply didn’t have the time, space or energy to even think of making it happen.

Feel like joining me? I hope so!

Feeling Invisible in your Middle Years?

Feeling invisible in the middle years of your life? Running  around that same old hamster wheel, longing to just get off and live your life doing something that excites you?

Me, too!  But I’ve news for you, lady- it doesn’t have to be that way!

Hey, let’s take some courage from each other and do something extraordinary!


Hi! I’m Christine Foley, aged 54, from the U.K. After a long career in teaching I’m looking to become a full time blogger and fulfill a life-time dream of being a writer.

My dad is no longer with us now, but I know that this is what he always dreamed of for me and I will never forget his pride when he read my writing at school.

I never had the courage or the finances to pursue a  career in writing when I was a young woman, but now that I am in my middle age  I just feel that the right time has come for me to build my new life.

middle aged female entrepreneur

If you too are looking at your life as a middle aged woman and are thinking the same way then maybe it is also your time. In writing this blog I am aiming to build a new life for myself, and I hope that you will walk beside me on my journey and build your own strength, confidence and skills to create the new life that you want to live.


Contact me today and Join the Journey!